Monthly Highlights: October 2022

Monthly Highlights: October 2022

Nov 18, 2022

What a month October was! I participated in Blogtober (one post every day for the entire month) and traveled out of state nearly every weekend. Is it any surprise I totally spaced on doing my monthly highlights post after a month like that? But here I am, precisely on time because a witch is never late and arrives when she means to, to paraphrase Gandalf.

In October, I mostly wrote about books, since I aimed to post once per day on my book blog. I successfully completed Blogtober, and you can catch up on posts over at Your Book Friend. For a good snapshot of the reviews I wrote, I'll highlight my "best books of the month" posts that went up in October:

Thanks as always for being along for the ride, my friends! Check back soon for the November highlights.

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