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How It All Began!

How It All Began!

Sep 03, 2023

Hey Ya'll:

The Papaw here and this here is how it all began! For the past several years, the wife and I have been raising one of our grandsons. He calls me Papaw. (Pă with a short "a", not paw paw). When he was 3 years old, he informed me that he was Papaw's son, as the wife and I discouraged him calling us mom and dad. He melted my heart that day with that kind of thinking and it wasn't long until that soon became my nickname for him, "Papaw's Son" (pronounced more like "Papawsun").

As he grew older, he got his own TV and android box where he could watch his own shows and movies from our NAS via Kodi. It wasn't long I found myself creating personalized kids themes for Kodi.

The was the very first theme I did for Kodi

As time passed, I did my own fork of Kodi which I named PSMC which is short for "Papaw's Son Media Center", which is now available for Android (32 / 64bit) as well as Windows (64bit only).

I've done various themes for PSMC since then such as "Man of Steel", "Batman", "Super Mario Galaxy", "Scooby-Doo", "Spiderman", "Toy Story", and a few others geared more for adults. I've also done some of my own addons for streaming, maintenance, etc. Most all of them I continue to maintain and update from time to time. (they also work in Kodi and other Kodi forks).

Some of the items in The PSMC Collection now

We then built a PC for him for school and I also set it up for gaming emulation as well. I think he has 22,000+ games in his collection now. That's when I got into doing themes and plugins for the LaunchBox/BigBox gaming frontend.

One of the latest themes I've done for Bigbox is a Netflix looking theme called PSGC, yep, short for "Papaw's Son Gaming Center". This theme matches one I had done for PSMC named Papaw's AZR Redux. If you install them both on a Windows machine, along with an add-on I have available, you can go back and forth between the two without ever having to exit back to the Windows desktop. Giving you a All-in-One Gaming and Media Center Solution!

screenshots of PSGC (top) and Papaw's AZR (bottom) on a Windows PC

Papawson is getting older now, and his interests are changing, but I enjoy the creativity of it. So I decided to try my hand at sharing my efforts with others here on BMC. I am hoping that Papawson will take an interest in doing all this and eventually I can turn it all over to him someday.

If you would like to gain access to all the apps, addons and many themes I've done, as well as future themes I do, or would like me to do some customizations to one of them, take a look at the different subscriptions available.

Thank you for spending some of your precious time here!

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