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What do you want 你想要什么?

What do you want 你想要什么?

Jan 28, 2022

Do not be deceived by your past experience and knowledge, nothing is inherently good or bad. If you desire things in this world, do not let your mind tell you we should only pursue spiritual things rather than earthly things. You desire more, because you are capable of having more. Earthly things is just another aspect of the spiritual. Ask yourself quietly and deeply till you feel it: What is that you really want? And know you already have it. That's the secret.

不要被你过去的经验和知识所欺骗,没有什么本质上是好的或坏的!如果你渴望的是这个世界上的东西,不要让你告诉自己 "我们应该只追求精神的东西而不是尘世的东西"。你渴望更多,这是因为你有能力拥有更多!属世的事物只是属灵的另一个方面。静静的、深深地问自己,直到你可以感觉到:你真正想要的是什么?并且知道你已经拥有它!这就是秘密所在。

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