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Promised Land = Rest Land 应许之地 = 安息地

Promised Land = Rest Land 应许之地 = 安息地

Aug 09, 2021

We thought we need to have faith to enter the promised land, then faith itself becomes work to us. The very reason the land is called Promised Land is that it is a promise which hinges upon the absolute goodness of God himself not on filthy rags of our personal doings. Faith is knowing the truth that we are not to do anything or obtain anything (including faith itself) in order to be and stay in the promised land, this finished work is the solid foundation we are to build everything upon. In here, is immaculate perfection, endless love, beings with no spot or wrinkle or any such thing. We are blameless.

我们以为我们需要信心才能进入应许地,这样的话信心对于我们就是一种工价了。应许地之所以被称作应许地是因为那是绝对美好的神对我们的应许, 这是以他完美的本质做担保的,而不是以我们自己的不值得一提的工价做担保的。信心是清晰明确的知晓我们不需要做任何事也不需要获取任何东西,(包括信心本身)因为我们已经在应许地这里了,没有任何人和事件可以让我们和这里隔离,神已经完成的工作是我们建造任何东西的牢固的根基。在这里只有完全的完美,无尽的爱,没有任何污秽和缺憾,我们是无可指责的。

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