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Installed Ubuntu 20.04 on My 2011 MacBoo ...

Installed Ubuntu 20.04 on My 2011 MacBook Pro8,2 - Ubuntu ONLY, NO OSX - Tested, Complete

Oct 03, 2021

Reprinted from https://linux.linuxconnector.com, another one of my sites.

One of the computers I have on my desk is an older MacBook Pro. To be specific, it's a 2011 MacBook Pro with a an Intel i7 processor running at 2 gigahertz (8 cores, 2 threads, 4 processors? I forgot that last thing). This machine has a respectable 16 gigabytes of RAM and last year I bought a new 512 gigabyte SSD and a brand new battery for this laptop with the thoughts that maybe I could sell it...

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