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Don't be a vendor

Don't be a vendor

Oct 12, 2022

Most researchers spend their careers focused on hard skills, i.e. how to conduct surveys, how to conduct interviews, etc.

But a majority of the impact from research comes from the soft skills in research

Yet very little training happens in this area.

The soft skills in research will:

  • Increase your perceived value, i.e., your boss and stakeholders will see you as irreplaceable

  • Get quicker alignment on problems leading to less time in mind-numbing meetings

  • Better working relationships where you will be seen as a peer, rather than a resource to be deployed

  • Give you increased confidence, which will lead to better executive presence

  • Give you more advancement opportunities because you will be seen as a problem-solver, rather than a problem bringer

  • Improve your ability to communicate to all audiences in the business

The stone. cold. reality. is that impact comes from delivering decisions, not delivering research or insights.

Delivering decisions is best accomplished by developingpresenting, and defending, a point-of-view (POV).

Join a dedicated group of researchers in Insight to Impact and learn how to develop a point-of-view (POV) that transforms UX and market research into actionable (and profitable) business decisions

If you want to elevate research in your career and company, this course will give you the tools to succeed.

Remember this...

  • Vendors focus on delivering research reports

  • Consultants focus on delivering decisions

Be the consultant.

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