Moving Forward Post

Moving Forward Post

Aug 31, 2021

  1. What do I need to leave behind?- X of Wands: Burden, heavy load, carrying a lot, doing it all on your own

  2. Who can help with this change?- Queen of Swords: a woman in charge, speaking your mind, could represent me since I identify as female

  3. What tools will help me move on?- IX of Wands: Boundaries, being firm, saying no

  4. What will I gain from this change?- The Fool: New adventures, freedom, happiness, feeling lighter

What I read from all this is something that many people probably need to heard. You can put down all you’re carrying. Your past doesn’t need to follow you for the rest of your life, you can drop it. I think that the Queen of Swords represents me here, basically saying I’m the only one who can help me let go of this baggage, I need to be firm and set boundaries and say no when it doesn’t fit what I need. New adventures and a life of happiness exists when you learn to let go.

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