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Build an app with chatGPT: is it real? [ ...

Build an app with chatGPT: is it real? [part 3/3]

Dec 18, 2023

Do you want to get a deep overview of how to create an app with ChatGPT? Start with part 1 and part 2

In this part, I'm just wrapping up my experience:

  • ChatGPT won't replace developers.

  • Writing code with ChatGPT requires an understanding of programming language fundamentals and the platform you're writing for. I wouldn't be able to launch a Chrome extension without knowing JavaScript and browser features.

  • People are great when it comes to tricky questions, and you need a 'brainstorm buddy.'

  • Is building with ChatGPT more efficient than hiring a dev? It's controversial: probably, you can save some expenses by not hiring a senior, but I bet that a junior dev + ChatGPT won't give you a better time-to-market than a more experienced developer.

And, of course, building products is not only about coding.

To achieve the results displayed below, you need coding, one guest blog post, three backlinks, and a few friends as beta-testers.

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