What is Breath Work?

What is Breath Work?

Apr 25, 2022

A transformational tool. An invitation to feel, to release, to express, to receive, to balance, to remember. Side effects are healing, peace, a regulated central nervous system, creativity, empowerment and integration.The presence and attention you give in a session is returned when you are open to receive it. Come and explore, tune in to the authentic self in this safe and sacred container. If you want more details or to come to a donation based zoom class, send me a message or DM on IG https://www.instagram.com/mountainlaurellee/

And DO note these contraindications.

Detached Retina


Osteoporosis that is serious enough whereby moving around actively could cause potential issues.

High Blood Pressure that is not controlled with medication.

Cardiovascular disease and/or irregularities including prior heart attack

Strokes, seizures, TIAs or other brain/neurological condition or disease

If either you have had an aneurysm or if two members in your immediate family have had one.

Use of prescription blood thinning medications such as Coumadin


Asthma (if you have asthma you can participate but you must have your inhaler available)

Prior physical injuries that are not fully healed and could be re-injured through intense movement.


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