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The Metaverse and NFTs liquidity is dryi ...

The Metaverse and NFTs liquidity is drying up

Oct 11, 2022

Yes, Metaverse is dying along with NFTs, and both liquidities are drying up. 


There are only 38 active users in Decentraland and 522 in Sandbox. 

So why is their valuation near billion dollars ($1.3B for each)?

What’s the future of Metaverse?


The short answer is there has little incentive for Metaverse that users are likely to choose in the future. If anything can be done in the physical world, why are you doing it twice in the physical and virtual worlds?


Like virtual land, you cannot live there but shill your NFTs. But you can live in the house physically with a big screen to displace your JEPG.

Why is it so important to have an NFT anyway?


There is not any significance in owning NFTs. Because all utilities are faking them up, there is no real usage besides the duplication of the existing utilities.

Why do you want to possess NFT arts anyway?


Show off?! There is no real usage but a digital copy of the physical goods.

The benefits of not using NFTs

When it comes to national currency financial institutions, the primary driver of the future of the banking system is “the need to ensure the proper functioning of our financial system,” according to a recent report. “The growing importance of financial services in the economy and the fundamental importance of financial regulation makes it essential to strengthen regulatory oversight of the financial sector.”

The risks of the Metaverse


This is what you want to achieve.


This is the reality.



Well, NFTs maybe an amazing invention, but it is useless when the market is crashing and worthless eventually.

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