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Fleex release v1.0

Fleex release v1.0

Jul 11, 2021

Hi, I and sw33tLie (https://twitter.com/sw33tLie) released the first version of Fleex recently.

Fleex allows you to create multiple VPS on cloud providers and use them to distribute your workload. Run tools like masscan, puredns, ffuf, httpx or anything you need and get results quickly!

Supported providers:

  • Linode

  • Digitalocean

Available commands:

./fleex -h

  • build:Build image

  • config:fleex config setup

  • delete:Delete a fleet or a single box

  • help:Help about any command

  • images:List available images

  • ls:List running boxes

  • run:Run a command

  • scan:Distributed scanning

  • scp:SCP client

  • spawn:Spawn a fleet

  • ssh:Start SSH

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