Weekly Blog #22 - August 8th 2021

Weekly Blog #22 - August 8th 2021

Aug 08, 2021

This week has really dragged for me but it is Sunday and that means it is time for me to do another blog post! 😌

I don't have a lot to talk about personally so I've decided to talk more about Pokémon Unite since I have been playing it constantly since it released a few weeks ago! 💜

I'm currently (as of typing this) Trainer Level 22 and in Great Class 4 for the ranked battles... I was in Expert Class 1 for a while but my online matchups for the battles have not been great... 😭🙇🏻‍♀️

As for playing in the ranked battles, I have currently been using Pikachu mainly - I do enjoy using him, he is a bit of a glass bullet so to speak but I do enjoy that side to Pikachu. He might not have the best endurance but for me that makes playing Pikachu more fun!

As you can see out of 5 stars his stats are fairly low (aside from Offense of course) however if you set Pikachu up right and use him well he can be an amazing asset to a team in the Attacker role! ⚡

(Yes, I did buy the battle pass... I really wanted the Hip-Hop Pikachu Holowear... 🙇🏻‍♀️)

(Edit: I edited this section as the app decided to leave weird spacings instead of the 'x' symbol in parts of the post so opted to use the letter 'X' instead to reflect this)

For me I did start out using Pikachu with these Battle and Held Items:

  • Eject Button - Allows you to quickly move your Pokémon in the direction it is facing.

  • Leftovers - When not in combat, Leftovers will recover X% of that Pokémon's max Health Points every second.

  • Wise Glasses - Increases the Pokémon's Special Attack stat by X%.

  • Rocky Helmet - Upon receiving a certain amount of damage, damage is dealt to nearby opposing Pokémon equal to X% of that Pokémon's max Health Points.

Now upon realising that this wasn't a great set-up and felt too safe and not right for Pikachu as a unit I decided to look up some builds and came across one that I really like to use! I will leave a link to the build if I can find the webpage I got the build from again! 🙇🏻‍♀️

I now use these Battle and Held items on Pikachu (currently):

  • Eject Button

  • Wise Glasses

  • Shell Bell - When the Pokémon hits an opposing Pokémon with a move it will recover a minimum of X Health Points - the higher that Pokémon holding the Shell Bell's Special Attack stat is, the more HP it will recover.

  • Special Attack Specs - When scoring a goal, increases your Pokémon's Special Attack by X.

'X' is the number of the stat - I decided to use an 'X' for the number digit as the number varies depending on what level the held items are. Eject Button is a Battle item and can only be activated every 55 seconds. You cannot increase the level or the power of a Battle Item.

This set of items is a lot better and plays well into what Pikachu is best at - dealing damage, whilst also having an item that helps to restore Health Points as and when you need it.

I have been using this set up for the past day or so now and I have noticed the difference between my old build and the new build. The new build is a million times better than the old one and enables me to fight harder in battles too!

I'm likely going to play some more later and I want to try and stream playing Pokémon Unite for definite in the future so hopefully when the time comes we can all play Unite together and chat at the same time! 💜🥺💜

To come away from Pokémon Unite for this week, I also received a couple of bits of merch this week! 🥰

This weeks merch selection is very Obey Me! themed! 🥰

To the left is the squeaky devil kitty Asmodeus omanjuu from @theartthatran on Instagram! I have been meaning to buy him for months now so I'm glad that I finally own him! He is super cute and as suggested, he has a squeaker in him too! I just love him so much! 🥰

Then to the left of the photo is the Namjatown Obey Me! name badge Asmodeus version! The badge is in the shape of a cats head with pink accents to it, a RAD uniform themed bow at the bottom of the badge and in the center of the badge his is name in Japanese kanji! I've been trying to find this badge for a short while so glad that I finally own one! 💜

And that brings us to the end of this weeks blog post!

Thank you all for reading and I hope you have all had an amazing week and have an even better week next week too! 💜

Before I go, next weeks blog will be either earlier than usual or later than usual as I am going out for a meal next Sunday evening for my Mum's Birthday! If I remember I'll try and get a few food pics! 🍽💜

See you all next week! 💜😊💜

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