Welcome to my Buy Me a Coffee Page

Welcome to my Buy Me a Coffee Page

Mar 05, 2023

Well, hello everyone. And welcome to my Buy me a Coffee.com page.

I'm sure you're wondering why I decided to add this new wrinkle to my web site, Joe Duarte in the Money Options.com. The truth is pretty simple. It's time to add a bit of behind the scenes information to the service.

From a financial standpoint, it would be helpful and highly appreciated for anyone who is interested in a bit more behind the scenes information about the service to become a donator via this platform.

My web site isn't going anywhere. In fact, I expect to continue to improve it by adding more information, especially on options trading. At the same time, however, I want a more personable place with which to interact with subscribers, especially by providing some behind the scenes information such as my thoughts on the market on a more frequent basis as well as sharing other information about my stock and options picks such as my shopping list, something I refer to regularly in my weekly Portfolio Summary.

I am also reviewing other services to add via this platform such as training courses and individual coaching. I expect to have more information on those services over the next few weeks, and I will let you know more in detail.

So in this post I'm going to give you a bit of insight into my shopping list at the moment.

Shopping List Details

As you know if you've read my recent posts on the web site, as of 3/5/23, I am looking for a short term bounce in the markets, while remaining concerned about what happens when the employment report is released on 3/10/23.

Still, there are some interesting stocks which I have considered of late. One of them is Toro Co. (NYSE: TTC), a producer of landscaping equipment such as lawn mowers and related products.

As you can see by the price chart above, this stock has held up quite nicely through the recent market decline, which of course is very bullish. On the other hand, it's had quite a run up over the last several months, which means that it's a bit expensive and perhaps priced for perfection.

That makes it vulnerable to bad news or negative surprises such as an earnings miss or other unforeseen event. What that means is that although I like the stock, it's a bit too risky to recommend, but certainly not too risky to keep in mind if the price pulls back some.

Bottom Line

So there you have it. I've started a new interesting process and I hope that it offers a worthwhile addition to the service.

I expect to be posting something fairly often, at least once a week and perhaps more often depending on market conditions and what's happening on the service.

Until then, if you decide to support this venue I thank you wholeheartedly. All I ask is that you keep this process civil.

This site is intended only for adding information that is useful to subscribers. It is not a support site or a venue to be negative. If you have any operational issues with the web site itself, please contact support as usual.

Until next time.

Joe Duarte

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