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Apr 10, 2024

Second Nick Morris Book!

What with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Threads, BlueSky and YouTube, I keep losing track of where I am! Still, I intend to be here a bit more often in the near future. So, as an update, what's happening now? I have just finished the first book of the year. That is DEATH COMES IN THREES, which is the ninth in my Jack Blackjack/Bloody Mary series. As you can see, LANDSCAPE OF MURDER is out now, I'm glad to say, and late last year I brought out ONE LAST DANCE BEFORE I DIE, which is available on Kindle and paperback from Amazon. That is a really interesting crime/mystery story set in Shanghai in the 1920s. Next, I am embarking on another 1920s mystery, which has the working title of The Misses King, which is one book I'm looking forward to writing. A cosy thriller set in 1920s Torquay. After that, I have another Nick Morris to write before end September. All of which means I'm busy, so in order to try to keep my brain functioning in the real world, I'm returning to my painting, and I'm going to start putting pictures up here of my watercolour journey. Just now I'm intending to paint a sketch a day in April. I have - ahem - missed a couple of days already, but with luck I'll get a bit more done during the rest of the month! I also have a new puppy to share here. More of her later.

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