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Destiny? Allow me to destroy it!

Destiny? Allow me to destroy it!

Dec 04, 2020

An omegaverse x Sentinel/Guide universe.

Raegis Valruch was a Martial Saint from Baram Continent. As a Seventh Constellation Rank Martial Saint, he was supposed to be unmatched. Unfortunately, he was betrayed by the person he had sworn to protect. After dying, he actually found himself being born once more, except it was in a foreign world.

Here, his 'mother' was a man, and his father was even more of a scum than his father in his previous life.

This scum of a father made him angry and he promised himself that he will make this father of his regret.


Of course, by making sure that he will do things that his father would not expect him to do! Supplemented with his past life knowledge, he will create a legend of his own.

Manly(?) Omega MC x Omega ML

Power Couple


Story contains:

  • Unrealistic Depiction of 'Life'

  • Abuse

  • Unscientific Stuff

  • Incest(?)

  • Age Gap

  • Discrimination of Omega

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