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Prop Hunt: X2Z - New August Update Patch ...

Prop Hunt: X2Z - New August Update Patch is now LIVE 📣

Aug 26, 2022

X2Z Prop Revenge - August Update is now LIVE!

A New Revision 25.08.22 is now available for Downloads. If you subscribed on Steam Workshop, the update should be automatically downloaded.

This update includes many fixes, enhancement, addition to: Hunter Third person, Team Rotation/Suffle, Built-in Unstuck, Player Colours, New LPS Weapons, and other improvements.



  • Fixed Where some PH:X Console Commands can still get accessed without Admin Checks (e.g: OBB Reload, Taunt Reload, etc). This Issue Occurs SINCE PH:E v15~v16 and PH:X before August Update. This issue has been fixed on August Update Revision 25.08.22.

  • Added "PH:X Integrity Checks", which will be used to check if the Prop Hunt: X Gamemode was installed properly and making sure there are no other conflicting addons that causing gamemode to stop working. User will be notified if there was an Error caused by an Addon.

  • Added Option to Allow use of Replicating to Restricted Models (banned models). Does not Include from Prohibited Models.

  • Fixed General Typo Coding Error

  • Enhanced QoL (Quality of Life) for Prop Menu (Prop Chooser) and Taunt Menu Window; This includes Favorite Taunts, Scroll Bar State, Toggle Open/Close by using Bind Key and more!

  • Fixed "Check for Room for Replication" and Enabled by default to prevent getting stuck.

  • Fixed Most General Issues on Taunt Duplication and Enhanced Taunt Scanner Function. You can now add custom taunt to any existing Taunt Category (yay!)

  • Fixed Camera Prop Collision to be more less "Cheating"

  • Changed Prop's "Light" (Flash Light) Brightness and changed it offset to be higher.

  • Improved "Advanced Prop Hunt X - Settings Menu" Window to be more Organized

  • Added New: Enhanced Plus - Allows you to control built-in Unstuck and Team Rotation/Suffle.

  • Added New: Group & Access Settings - Allows you to modify who can access "Admin Settings" page and allow to choose groups whether whose can be Voice Muted.

  • Ducking is no longer needed for props. Because this was disabled, a new ConVar: "phpropmust_stand" is added to allow prop replication when ducking, jumping, or while in the mid air ( If you set this to 0 ) - This however solves the issue where you were not able change into other things when get stucked.

  • Added Option to disable Splash Screen (https://github.com/Wolvin-NET/prophuntx/issues/23)

  • Fixed Bug Muzzle Flash effect Position acting weird because of Height Differences

  • Fixed Bug Muzzle Flash Attachment and Fixed models to correct the gun barrel attachment angle.

  • Added Pitch Rotation: "phexppitch_rot"  Currently it's experimental.

  • Prop Rotation can no longer stayed "Locked" if you changed into a new prop: This behaviour is to prevent Rare position bug on Normal Rotation & Pitch Rotation that rotates in strange angle/position.

  • LPS: Added New Weapons (shotgun, airboatgun, rocket, and laser )

  • Major Improvements for LPS Plugins. See on the footer below for more information about changes.

  • Fixed Player Model Browser menu will now refresh immediately after "Enable Player Model for Hunter" option is changed.

  • Restored "Player Colour" Functions which is now working for both team Hunters and Props!

  • Added "Cancel MapVote" Button on MapVote window appears. Only available for Admins.

  • Added "phforceend_round" : Force End current active round. Only available for Admins.

  • Fixed and Tweaked more things for Hunter Class

  • Fixed Class for Hunter: Weapon should not be duplicated if Force End Round is triggered

  • Fixed and Tweaked more things for Prop Class

  • Added Hunter Third person mode: Can be Client sided, or Using from Server side desired setting.

  • Hunter will have an additional crosshair: This is intentional for switching in third person mode to use actual 3D-Space aiming.

  • Added new Static Notification for Spectators to Join their game. You can disable this by setting "phspectinformjointeam" to '0'.

  • Many more changes that may not be mentioned (mostly for Developers. See Details Below)

Note: All Settings are now included into the Prop Hunt Menu so you don't have to configure them via console commands.


Updates should be available and downloaded automatically if you're subscribed the Prop Hunt: X addon on Steam Workshop. If you haven't already you can grab them here:


GITHUB (Best Suited for Server Hosting and Customization)

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Full Detailed/Technical Changes

To view Full Detailed Changes about this update, please visit to this link below:

That's all for the new Updates for now. It is Highly Recommended for you to Update the PH:X Gamemode (especially mentioned about important fixes) and make sure to Back Up your previous Modified PH:X before updating.

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