28 February 2023

Feb 28, 2023

The dream:

I am in a bright white kitchen, making fried rice. I think I must be making it for a lot of people. I go through the process of dicing BBQ pork, and shredding cooked chicken, then marinate thin strips of beef in soy sauce, rice vinegar, and a bit of hot mustard, then marinate shrimp in light and dark soy with a bit of the rice vinegar and plum sauce. Then I am cutting carrots, water chestnuts, a bit of celery, into small cubes. Then I am digging around the cabinets for white pepper, and more bowls.

Finally I cut green onions, very fine, and the white portions, also finely cut, go into the bowl of marinating shrimp.

I pull a huge bowl of cooked rice out of the fridge and a dozen eggs. I can hear people in the dining room chatting, and someone comes in for glasses and some trays of snacks that were already prepped in the fridge.

I break the eggs into the huge bowl of rice, and stir it around. Adding some white pepper. Then the wok is humongous, and has been sitting on all four burners of the stove top in the middle of the kitchen island. I add some oil. I smile at the sizzle. Then I add the beef and cook it, then remove it.

I cook the shrimp, and remove it. Then the veggies, including a bowl of peas I've pulled from the fridge. I save out the green onion for garnish. After the veg, I pull those out and throw in the rice.

As I stir it around to cook the egg, I add a bit of plum sauce, and some dark soy, then I add all the meat, pork - chicken- beef and shrimp - and the vegetables. I throw in some sesame seeds, and mix it all up. It turn off the burners.

Then I go into the dining room, while others go in and serve themselves.


This was a weird dream. I make fried rice at home, but never such a huge undertaking, and I usually don't bother marinating the meat, because I am usually using leftovers. And I have only ever seen such a pristine white kitchen in magazine and cooking shows. LOL When I was younger I often dreamed of cooking, just not in this kind of detail. It really was like watching a cooking show.

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