25 January 2023

25 January 2023

Jan 25, 2023

The dream(s):

I'm working at some company, in a cubicle, with an old crt terminal, running small cobol programs.

Someone behind me asks if I am going to the big party. "Of course" I say, "Are you?" They rattle on about the event, the band that will play, and that the whole company is going to be there for some big announcement. Then they ask me what I will be wearing. And I have this anxious feeling, because I have no idea.

It shifts, and I am in some generic mall, looking for an evening dress that will be appropriate, and I don't know if I should be wearing a formal gown, or a cocktail dress or a fancy suit. I am searching the mall for a Nordstroms, but there are only prom gown/dress places available. I decide to go to another mall, or downtown. And look for the exit.

The mall is very crowded, and then I hear gunshots and see a mob of people streaming away from the shots - some of them towards me. I flatten against the wall to avoid being trampled, but I don't run with the crowd. I am trying to see if anyone is carrying a weapon, but I don't see anyone, just a trail of injured trampled people.

It shifts, I am welcoming people to a home, and taking their coats. I don't live there, so I surmise that I am hired help - this happens because I was disoriented a bit, expecting to be in the mall shopping. The people arriving are all expensively dressed, and their coats equally expensive. I am supposed to remember who gave me which coat, I surmise, because there is no ticket system. I don't actually care, because I am thinking that now would be a great time to discover what all these people are up to, since I recognize some "famous" people, but they are not generally considered to socialize with each other, in fact one or two are famously opposed to each other.

I turn to hand the coats to someone who is hanging them up in a huge walk-in closet, and a man - who I assume is the butler, beckons me with a crooked finger, and I follow him to a small hallway where trays of drinks are lined up.

He says "we know who you are" ominously, and I wait to see what might follow. So I do a sort of head tilt and continue to stare at him. He sighs, and says, "The Master would like a word".

I follow him down long hallways, that twist and turn, and I am feeling slightly dizzy - when finally he stops and knocks lightly at a big heavy wooden door. I hear a muffled "Enter" and the butler swings the door open, soundlessly and gestures for me to go in. I do. The door closes behind me.

I cannot see the shadowy figure in the huge chair behind an equally huge desk. The room is lit only by a fireplace, and the flickering light does nothing to illuminate the person in the chair. I am about to ask what he wants, when a second form steps away from a corner, and it is a teenaged boy, who stares at me like he is demanding something of me and waiting for my answer. I raise an eyebrow and stiffen slightly. I really really want to know what the heck is going on here and who these people are.


and of course, I wake up. Someone outside has a vehicle that sounds like a drag racer and is revving it out on the street. This noise, in turn, has awakened me, and the dog - who is now huffing and barking for me to get up. So here I am recording the dreams after having looked outside to satisfy the dog. The truck (for it was a pickup truck making that ungodly noise) has gone on. Welcome to Wednesday.

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