23 February 2023

Feb 23, 2023

The dream:

My friend L and I are wandering in a huge department store, mall sized all by itself, with odd pockets of departments tucked in between racks of clothing. We had accepted part-time work, it was listed as "pest control" so we wandered and waited for someone to summon us, via a walkie-talkie on our belts. There were arched openings in the middle of aisleways that went to various other areas of the store, and it was all a bit of a confusing chaos. For example, in one aisleway that started with an arch, there were matching family clothes - tee shirts, pajamas, sweaters, jackets - in infant to size XXXXXXXL and one of those huge sizes was on display arched over this section of the department, like a tent.

We got a staticky call on our radios, and continued through the aisle way to the department that had called on us. There were a pack of angry customers yelling at one clearly young and new counter person, and she was in tears. The older clerk saw us, and pointed to the group of women. L and I came from behind and using something like a taser, fired these feelers at the customers. The end of the feelers had a sharp needle that actually punctured the customers. Then >poof< they were gone.

L was horrified at first, and then I pointed out that the young clerk could easily have been her own child. And then she brightened up and admitted that those people really were pests. We went on through the various departments and eradicated many more "pests".

It shifted and we were talking to a different kind of pest. The gentleman appeared almost professorial, wearing a tweed jacket, black henley and pressed jeans. He had answered an ad we had placed in a local paper. L and I had expanded our pest control to include other areas. This man had answered our ad saying we were writers researching serial killers. He was about to demonstrate to us how a serial killer might lure a woman to come with him.

We watched from a window as he approached a random jogging woman, showing his hands as empty and speaking to her from a safe difference. He pointed to the window where we stood watching. L was concerned that he might actually hurt the woman - and I was concerned that the jogger might be in league with him. They came in, chatting amiably. He introduced us and went to another room. L told the woman to leave...and she pulled a gun and grinned at us - two old ladies at the mercy of two serial killers. But I was fast, and had already suspected her, so my "feeler" thing, shot out and she was eradicated. I caught the gun before it could fall, in my skirt....thankfully I had worn a broomstick skirt, so none of my fingerprints were on the weapon and I scooted it under the desk. L was shaken but also now very angry.

When the man returned he looked slightly surprised and asked where the woman was...we shrugged and said she seemed uncomfortable and left.

He looked out the window to see if he could see where she went, and L zapped him with her "feeler" thing. He looked so surprised as he faded out of existence.


I think there was a lot more talking, but I couldn't recall all of the conversations, so this dream is somewhat condensed. I was smiling when I woke. So justice prevails somewhere in the universe....lol...as pest control.

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