My latest interview on the secret to hap ...

My latest interview on the secret to happiness according to Laurie Santos

Jan 04, 2021

Over 3 million people from around the world are taking course on....happiness since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. “The Science of Well-Being” taught by the psychology professor Laurie Santos has become the most popular course in Yale’s 300-years history. Since march the "happiness" course is available free online on Coursera and millions of people have already enrolled on it. 

Santos said that the interest in her course since the beginning of the pandemic is phenomenal.“Everyone's feeling anxious and uncertain and kind of scared, and people just really want things they can do to feel better,” she says in an interview for the World Economic Forum’ .“I think the class really gives that: evidence-based tips you can put into practice today, that the research suggests will improve your wellbeing.”

"Try not to run away from the negative emotions. Uncertainty, fear, frustration, anger, jealousy they’re not going away. You need to give them space. One technique is to use meditation, where you really try to recognize and accept those emotions", Santos says in an interview for NYT.

Can happiness be learned, is it a question of genes or we have control on it, is happiness a luxury during the pandemic, how could we boost our well-being when we are stuck at home, and how Covid-19 will affect our mental health in long-term - I asked these questions Laurie Santos. 

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