Defeat Cancel Culture

Defeat Cancel Culture

Feb 03, 2021

Hi all,

Have a beer with Jim & Jessica! In real life! And as a bonus, DEFEAT CANCEL CULTURE. We need you to help keep our journalism alive.

As you know, we’re being viciously attacked for our journalism right now. There have been many attempts to defame, smear, and cancel us, including our jobs.

We stand firm, without fear or intimidation.

We believe that our journalism at Wisconsin Right Now is critically needed to tell you news the media won’t report or twists to fulfill their narrative.

What we are about to ask is out of our zone of comfort. We are often asked, “how can I help”? Well here’s your chance. We believe in strength in numbers. We are asking you to “buy us a beer” – either one beer, or become a reoccurring monthly member to keep our journalism alive. $5 a month, $10 a month – whatever you can afford – it will keep our journalism going. YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS by writing "anonymous" for your name! To donate go here:

To be blunt, this is why we need you:

We won’t be influenced by big tech and its censorship, so we just discontinued Google Adsense.

We don’t want to take dark money – and we haven’t (contrary to the speculations of the left). We want to be entirely independently funded so we can continue reporting without fear nor favor. We have paid every dime out of our own pockets.

We want to be funded by YOU! The readership, our tribe, has been phenomenal and quite frankly amazingly loyal. We have had almost 1 million reads in just a few months. However, we both pay a hefty price, financially as well as in time, along with our careers and families. We held off making this ask, but the viciousness of the current attacks have underscored the urgency. We need your help if we are to continue.

We are working on various incentives and exclusive content for our members. One working idea is holding events for our members to have conversations with actual newsmakers; however, we are offering this out of the gate: The first 25 people to become a reoccurring monthly donor will receive an exclusive invite to our first Wisconsin Right Now “actually have a beer with Jim and Jessica in real life” meet and greet. Date and time TBA.

Please consider joining our team, our movement. Please share this & spread the word.

Jessica & Jim

Wisconsin Right Now

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