Membership Level 1 - Jaguar

Membership Level 1 - Jaguar

Feb 21, 2024

Membership Level 1 - $5 per month

Your $5 per month will go towards the monthly and annual website fees, and later half will go to wild cat conservation. Thank you!

  • Once there are 20+ members, $100+ will be donated to wild cat conservation in Latin America, every 2 months.

  • Contribute towards website fees.

Latin America Wild Cat Conservation

There are 16 species of wild cats in Latin America - 2 'big cats' - the Jaguar and Puma and 14 'small cats'. There are many wonderful organisations raising fund for conservation of the big cats such as Panthera and the World Wildlife Fund. Here, with your help, I would like to support conservation of the smaller cats.

The Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation (SWCCF) has been instrumental over the last decade in facilitating the formation of Working Groups - each one dedicated to a particular species or related group of species of the smaller cats. Currently there are seven Working Groups in South America:

Each Working Group can receive donations via their websites and the SWCCF also has a donation portal via the Wildlife Conservation Network (program Small Cats).

Once this level has 20 supporters x$5 = $100 per month, we can choose via a vote which Working Group to donate to, or we can simply start at the first one and cycle through the list. A donation will be made every second month, while the funds received in the alternate month will contribute to WildCatFamily website expenses. Any payment fees for the donations will come out of the WildCatFamily funds.

As the number of supporters increase so will the donations - eg. at 30 members x$5 = $150 per month will be donated every second month. The goal is to reach 200 supporters so that we can donate $1000 to each organisation. They would be thrilled!

If you have any queries please ask in the comments, thanks!

Regards, Mandy

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