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My brother and capitalism

My brother and capitalism

Jun 26, 2023

On the bird app I shared a picture of my brother and I holding hands. My brother is 2 years younger than me and mentally retarded.

My mom always said getting pregnant again so soon after having me was an accident. My parents were conservative Christians. Abortion was a definite no and so my mother went on to give birth. No one knows why some are born like Mikey. Some say it's mercury in fish, others blame the mother. Western society loves blaming women don't they? Well my mother internalized that toxic belief and blamed herself. My whole childhood revolved around Mikey because he needed 24/7 care. He couldn't potty alone and needed to be bathed twice a day because he would soil himself and sometimes even go on the floor. My mother grew deeper into her bipolar and addictions. My father was absolutely no help. He believed God was punishing them and as the man working, my mother had to take care of the kids. He was only involved if it meant beating us or screaming at us. My mother depended on me instead of my father. I grew resentful of her and what she was doing. There were times I was left alone with Mikey. Society, American culture does not give two shits about families despite what right wingers say. There is no support system in this country. My mother couldn't work so she drowned her sorrows in alcohol and drugs. Our lives were dominated by constant stress. Would Mikey be ok? Can the rent and mortgage be paid? Why does God hate us? Yes my father truly believed this nonsense belief. He even told my mom Mikey was her sins, not his. How awful is that?

Disability is no ones fault. What we need is public support systems. American Healthcare is a raging nightmare to start with and social programs are pathetic. It's exactly what Republicans want. All they care qbout is the rich. You're poor and disabled? Go fuck yourself. Poor disabled people are almost always living in poverty. SSI and Disability won't allow you to make over a certain amount or you lose that measly check that doesn't even cover rent. This country hates poor disabled people. I don't know if the USA will ever care enough. Probably not because our government are fascist nazis. The only solutions are to get actual government assistance. Capitalism is destroying the family unit in this country. The rugged individualism is toxic AF. No I take it back, the only way is to destroy Capitalism. We deserve better. Disabled people are human too and deserve all their needs met.

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