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US Conversion button has been added

US Conversion button has been added

Jan 20, 2024

A new conversion button has been added to the site and app in response to requests from our friends south of the border.

Where to find the conversion button?

You'll find a conversion button at the bottom of the main Temps page. Pressing it will instantly convert all Celsius temperature values to Fahrenheit.


You will notice the wind speeds have been converted from kilometres per hour to miles per hour.

Plot detail pages

When you tap or click on a temperature plot, the detail page will display converted data for graphs.

The values for temperatures and wind speed in the historical data section have been converted.

Home screen conversions

Temperatures with wind speeds and snowfall history are now displayed in inches.

Cams page

The main page for Cams will display the temperature in Fahrenheit and the elevation of the station in feet.

Snowfall and Temperature History pages

Both the snowfall history page and the temperature history page will show the values that have been converted.

Values are displayed in inches and feet. The temperature history values are converted to Fahrenheit.


  • The main conversion toggle button is found on the Temps page

  • Using the button saves your preference on that device or browser. That way, you don't have to keep using the button unless you're on a different device or browser.

  • Many areas throughout the site are instantly converted when using the toggle button.

  • The forecast pages are not converted.

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