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New feature - Personalized Grooming List

New feature - Personalized Grooming List

Jan 20, 2024

I'm happy to announce to all coffee donors, a new personalized grooming list feature on whistlerpeak.com.

Now, you can pick your favourite runs and see which are groomed daily. Everyone can have their own custom list - No need to go through the long list of runs each day!

To get started, you simply choose runs from the main run list and save them as your Favourites.

Then, return to the Favs page, and whistlerpeak.com will let you know which ones are groomed.

The custom favourites can be changed whenever you like. The list is saved to your phone or browser so whistlerpeak.com will remember your choices.

Here's what the list looks like after picking out some favourites:

Customizing your list

Use the Choose runs button and begin selecting runs:

Save your list, and that's it!

Your selection is saved to your phone or browser. The options can't be shared if you change phones or use a different browser.

To View your list, return to Favs page and your personalized grooming list will be displayed.

Here's the link


it's ready for you to try now!

Some notes about the new feature:

  • If you have a very long list of favourites, it will take longer for the list to be generated each time. Give it some time to load your list.

  • Experiment with a smaller list first, then customize it to your liking once you know how the feature works.

  • To view your favs, simply load https://whistlerpeak.com/favs/

  • You can bookmark that page and save it to your phone's home screen for easy access.

  • The regular grooming list is still there to see all the runs groomed. This one is just your own personalized list.

  • If you change phones or use another browser, the list is not shared across devices or browsers.

  • The custom grooming list is based on the WB grooming report. I will expand to the Epic version at a later time.

  • The Peak Live app will get this feature in a future update. For now, it's only the website.

  • The feature is not on the main navigation at this time. I want to release it for the coffee donors first.

One other new feature

I've added support for Imperial units. A new toggle button is at the bottom of the main Temps page. Here, you can switch to Imperial or Metric values, which will convert many pages throughout the site, including the weather plots.

This toggle is located at the bottom of the Temps page on the Peak Live app and the website:

Enjoy it, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this project!

Here's the Favs, custom grooming link once more:

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