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Favs 2.0, faster and refined

Favs 2.0, faster and refined

Jan 22, 2024

After releasing the Custom Grooming feature last week, I received feedback from many donors. I'm happy to introduce a new 2.0 version with substantial speed improvements and more features.

What's New

  • Mountain toggle to view runs on Blackcomb or Whistler mountains.

  • Sorted run list. The groomed runs appear first, followed by partially groomed.

  • Hide and show button to display only runs that are groomed or show all runs, including those that haven't been groomed. These are all based on your favourite selections.

  • Faster! Now, your entire custom favourites list is checked at once instead of each run at a time.

Mountain Toggle

Your results list is now separated by mountain. You can use the toggle switch at the top to switch between mountains.

  • When the toggle switch is on the left, it will show your Blackcomb selections.

  • When the toggle switch is on the right, your Whistler favourites will be shown.

Sorted Run List

  • Your favourites list for each mountain is now shown by fully-groomed runs first, followed by partially-groomed runs.

  • The ungroomed runs are shown last if you have toggled to show them.

Hide and Show Button

A new button has been added to Show or Hide the runs on your favourites list which have not been groomed.

  • Large or longer lists are now easier to view. Only runs that are groomed or partially groomed will be shown by default.

  • If you want to see all of your favourite selections, including runs that are not groomed, choose the option to Show Ungroomed Runs


You'll find a big speed improvement with this version, especially for more extensive lists. Your saved favourites are stored on your phone or browser. Instead of checking each run individually, the entire list will be checked for grooming at once.

Video: How to Use

Here's a quick video you can watch to learn how to set up and use the new Custom Grooming (Favs) feature on Whistlerpeak.



Hope you enjoy the new version. Your selections that were used previously will automatically work with this new, improved release.


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