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Huge thank you for your support over the ...

Huge thank you for your support over the season

Apr 03, 2021

We have an amazing community in Whistler and the Sea to Sky! A big thank you for your ideas, feedback and support towards the whistlerpeak.com project.

The site evolved as the season progressed and I'm so pleased to find out how the site helped many plan their days, even which lifts and runs to ski and ride. I personally found myself a bit addicted to checking the snow stake upon awakening, then checking the snow report to see how accurate it was.

One friend said to me, "I'm always trying to zoom-in on my phone to see the snow stake". I said, "Oh my, I'm always doing that as well", that's when the zoomed feature was introduced. Tap on the image and it zooms-in just on the stake. It's just one example of how whistlerpeak evolved over the winter. I'm so glad many reached out and asked for the lift history feature which was gone from whistler alpine. That and many ideas like grooming history were requests from the community.

I'm planning to continue with adding new features next season including some personalization options and more graphs based on data that's being collected on the mountain. One idea is a lift openings graph to show when alpine lifts open during the week. Even a comparison graph for the alpine lifts might be helpful. For fun, I'd also like to add snowfall charts to compare which days of the week get the most snow.

I hope you had a fantastic season even though it was shortened. We had some wonderful cold and dry powder mornings and a good number of snow days. Lines were long but we all found ways to make the most of the terrain and lifts.

Thank you for the wonderful support towards this project. It's been an exciting project and with your support, I've been able to expand hosting services to help balance the traffic at busy times. Over the summer, I'll continue to operate the site with as much information as possible including weather, temperatures and forecasts. I'll also be moving the site to help with performance for next winter. There might be some minor downtime when that occurs but we should be in good shape for the fall when the snow starts to fall again.

Again, thank you. I couldn't have done it without your support. That comes from the bottom of my heart. You've all been so wonderful. So proud to help you with this site.

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