EP83 Everything Everywhere All At Once.. ...

EP83 Everything Everywhere All At Once... Indeed!

Apr 08, 2022

Everything Everywhere All At Once is maybe one of the best movies we've ever seen...?!

Starring the legendary Michelle Yeoh, this movie is seriously unlike any other. Your podcast hosts were lucky enough to be invited to watch advanced screenings of this multi-verse movie, out now. 

This episode is a (largely) NO SPOILERS review of the movie, discussing the major themes that stood out to us without revealing specifics around the scenes so as not to ruin the movie for any of you (the only spoiler section is at the very end where we discuss our favorite parts of the movie, and we call it out very obviously, so hit stop before if you want to avoid spoilers!). 

We discuss how huge of a step forward this movie was in terms of authentic representation for not just the Asian community, but also for all inclusive media moving forward. We also discuss the complex relationships between parent/child and with oneself, musings around the existential question of why we're all here and who we really are, the way queerness is represented in such a nuanced way, and so much more. 

This movie truly covers everything everywhere all at once, and we absolutely loved this thrill of a ride we went on and hope you will too!

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