Female body creation - Part 4

Female body creation - Part 4

Dec 05, 2022

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Working on the legs.
Remeshed the leg object, smoothed the surface. Added muscles.

Added a sphere - a future foot.

Reference is a must for me. I want a 8 cm long foot, it's on a bigger side in comparison with other companies, but since I'd like to do a 65 cm body it shouldn't be ridiculously small.

Roughly reshaped the sphere in Sculpting mode.

The foot is too high on the ground (shown in red), so I have to move it down together win an ankle joint, then scale the height of complete leg.

I want to create a flat sole so my doll would stand securely on the floor. So I created a cube, modified it to a desired size, and positioned it o as its top face is aligned with a X-Y plane. Then I subtracted it from the foot using Boolean modifier, not applying it.

Now I can do anything to the foot: move it around, resculpt it, and that cube will be subtracted from the foot. It's hidden from the view, but it's here, doing its job.

Remeshing, then sculpting.
There is only one disadvantage while using Booleans: it slows down the app greatly, because it needs to recalculate the polygons on the fly. So I'm usually removing the Boolean modifier, do sculpting, then add Boolean modifier to see the result.

Making toes. These require a denser mesh, and I prefer to make them as a separate objects first, so I can adjust them around and place them perfectly.
I added a cylinder and modified it in Edit mode.

Remeshed, set Y symmetry, started smoothing and sculpting.

I thought that I'll be adding nails as a separate objects at first, but it turned out that my mesh is dense enough to pull out the details. So I sculpted a nail too.

The toe is resized and set into place.
I turned off Y symmetry before copying, as toes aren't symmetrical.

Then I copied the toes and adjusted positions of each one. 2 and 3 are about the same, 4 is a bit smaller, and 5 is much smaller.
Also 4 and 5 are rotated a bit.
I need the nails to be of a right size, and I'll be modifying flesh around them.

Reshaping and refining each toe separately.

Scaling and roughly positioning the big toe.

I did it to have at least some volume here, because a big toe has a very different shape than the other toes. So it has to be resculpted almost from the scratch.

More reshaping...

After hours of work.
I not only worked on the big toe, but did a lot of reshaping and tweaking of other toes. I understood that sculpting a separate toes was a right decision, as it helped me to work on each toe hiding other ones from the view.

I'm pretty satisfied with a front part of the foot, as it's both realistic enough and has a smooth outer contours that would make a nice base for a narrow, fashion female shoes.

Of course, I have to Union the main part of the foot with toes yet, and those areas would need more smoothing and adjustments. But leaving it like that for now.
The soles:

It's easy to see the protruding parts with my reference picture visible. I tried to make them as flat as possible and just barely protruding, then I smoothed the sole out, and so on.
I plan to cut the protruding parts out on a later stage, so the soles touch the ground not in just a few points, but at least the heel creates a nice wide base. I want my doll to be able to stay on the ground securely.

I plan to add more details to the feet later.

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