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Wellness Check 7/8/2021

Wellness Check 7/8/2021

Jul 08, 2021

So the posts the next few days are going to be shorter as I am road tripping with the family across the American Southwest.

Which brings us to today's topic: getting out of your house.

I know I know, pandemic. But that's why you should 1) be vaccinated if possible 2) plan your outtings. But it's important to do. Humans are outdoor creatures like most mammals that are not subterranean. We need to go outside and feel fresh air and see the sun.

So plan a small trip, figure out what you can do that will limit your exposure to unvaccinated people and also what is open. But we've all been locked up for 16 months and even if you don't wanna go for a hike or the beach just a change of scenery can help. There are numerous times I've been stuck writing a scene and just had to go to a pub and have a drink and the change of scenery let me write.

I know agoraphobia is a thing, I know that immunocompromised people can't get vaccinated, but if you can get out, find a time to take a vacation and get away for a few days. Or a few weeks. Or a few months. Or stripe naked and run to the forest and live off the land like your ancestors, leaving behind your mundane capitalistic life. Whatever works for you.

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