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Wellness Check 7/2/2021

Wellness Check 7/2/2021

Jul 02, 2021

It's not great secret that a lot of writer, artists, musician, pretty much any creative type, have some sort of trauma from their life. Many suffer from depression, anguish, and pain.

Unsurprisingly many of us draw on those negative or darker emtions in our creative works because it let's us sort through those painful feelings. Maybe to find some solace, to try and make sense of it all.

I have certainly drawn from the well of darkness to water my writing. In many ways it is easy to do so, it is always there in the back of my kind demanding attention. It can flow out in fast paced anger, it can come through ponderous slow typing through tears. It is a familiar source of inspiration. It's what people want tonread to help them process their own issues. They want to feel they aren't alone in what hurts them, find some meaning to the trauma. Negativity is a safe and familiar place for people so that's what we write and that's what we read.

You must be thinking now, "Wesley your brand is positivity, I need a wellness check not reminded that I am an emotional wreck of a human being." You're right because we're familiar with the well of darkness. So let's talk about the well of light and writing positive.

I have found it's harder to write positive content, especially consistently positive content. It takes more effort, more will and strength because I have not been a posivite person for most of my life. The well of light has been dry all the while the well of darkness was expended.

There's a problem in our culture in the Western world. We tend to see overly positive people as naive, or corny, or even fake. We might scowl at negstive nancies or complain about negativity. But the fact is we're more ready to accept that things are bad. But positivity doesn't have to be blind naivity. It doesn't mean you have to be fake.

Since I've started down this path of spreading positivity I have writen more consistantly than I have in years. By working on expanding out and drawing on the light I'm not burning myself out. I see people respond to it becusee they eant to respond to something positive for once. People want to feel that there is hope. Not because I told you how I relate to you trauma, but because I can say that inspite of your problems you're still here. You're still writing and creating beautiful works. You're not defeated but rising up. Writing the positive emotions might seem hard, it might seem lame, but trust me, it's worth it. You'll find new worlds to explore, and don't worry that well of darkness will be there when you need it. There will always be pain and grief, but there will be joy, there will be serenity. You just have to find it. Then when you do, you mix them both together and create something new, you create something that breaks boudnries, thst pushes expectione, thst breaths life into your art.

Because that's what humanity is, a swirling mass of light and dark mixed together to create a complex and beautiful being. So spend some time in the light today, write something positice. Most importantly share that with other people.

Stay hydrated, keep dreaming.

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