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Wellness Check 7/17/2021

Wellness Check 7/17/2021

Jul 17, 2021

Let's talk about supporting each other. It's something we all naturally do. Humans are a pack animal by nature, it's how we protected each other and grew stronger as a species 50000 odd years as go. We need other people and other people need us.

Packs though are not one on one. You have a circle of people to support you and to support. If you rely on one person they are carrying you and their own stuff, and people will bend and eventually break.

That's why you should lean on someone when you need, a proper lean is doing what you can for yourself but another person giving you some of their strength without stripping them of their ability to carry their own weight.

So as you grow your social circles in real life coming out of the pandemic or in online social media remember that sometimes other people might need a breath and everyone has a breaking point so if you need support but one of your friends can't help, don't take it personally, it doesn't mean they don't care they just don't have the strength to lend. At the same time when you are strong make sure to return the favor and help others as you can. That's how you'll get through and the pack will remain strong as a whole.

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