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Look after the air you breathe!

Look after the air you breathe!

Nov 30, 2021

A new project i stumbled upon is https://www.planetwatch.us/

Their partner sensors are reselling on ebay for 4x!!!! I just purchased an Awair Element https://uk.getawair.com/products/element and I can't wait. I would have purchased this without the rewards as I love knowing information about my home. I have a smart home and a shark and Airmega air purifiers.

Those who know me, I live in Las Vegas and the air quality is not what I grew up with. It's dry I have nosebleeds, and theres all sorts of dust and pollution in the air.

Planetwatch strives to lower carbon emissions on the planet earth. Go check it out, they have a token called Planet on the Algorand blockchain. Available in US EU & Canada. Many other places as well depending on the sensor and the project. For EU users goto planetwatch.io

I'll be posting a part 2 when the sensor comes with how it works and what rewards i received.

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