One Tip At-A-Time Accepted Here For Weig ...

One Tip At-A-Time Accepted Here For Weight Loss Walks

Sep 28, 2023

Sometimes an encouragement angel prefers to give one tip at a time rather than make a long-term commitment. Weight Loss Walks has set up this Buy Me a Coffee page to enable this.

As a 1-person crew, it is not possible at this time to offer exclusive content at both Buy Me a Coffee and Patreon. That's just too much for 1 person to handle. Thank you for understanding.

At ongoing, monthly supporters can accesses exclusive content.

I have struggled with my weight for years. Your encouragement motivates me to keep going. Regarding my videos, I am a 1-person crew competing with billionaire corporations and celebrities. I am humbled by your support.

Thank you.


Weight Loss Walks, founder and on-screen personality

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