Morrison ”hosts” the media, election cam ...

Morrison ”hosts” the media, election campaign highlights and low lights, good news about s

Apr 13, 2022

Van Badham and Ben Davison discuss "horse race" political journalism in light of the revelations that Morrison is "hosting drinks for the media" during the campaign and that the "cash rate gaffe" was based on a question asked after a visit to a nursing home that needed nurses but where the media wasn't interested in asking about aged care policy.

With disinformation campaigns having shaped national elections in Australia, the UK and the USA in recent years Van and Ben discuss why trust in the media is so important and how recognising the potential for bias by being up front with your views, values and interactions is so critical to democracy.

There have been some policy announcements in the first days of the election, on Medicare from Labor and on jobs from Morrison (though the details might be better news for workers in Vietnam than in Western Sydney). There have also been revelations about Liberal travel rorts and George Christensen locking in his $100k severance by jumping into an unwinnable senate spot for One Nation.

Australian Unions have put out a secure jobs policy paper which shows 1 in 3 workers in Australia currently has no job security.  Union jobs are more secure jobs and you can join your union at

The good news is that solar panels are being designed that collect energy at night!  

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Our supporters can check out the twitter thread about Morrison "hosting" the media along with the tik tok made by Adison, the young man who has blown the lid of the situation, here:

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