Morrison a cabinet of one, Labor’s new b ...

Morrison a cabinet of one, Labor’s new budget and new approach, gig reforms ready for deli

Sep 21, 2022

Van Badham and Ben Davison examine the revelations that Scott Morrison held 739 cabinet committee meetings where he was the only member of the committee to avoid public scrutiny over his lack of genuine policies.

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Our hosts also offer solidarity to the workers who have been locked out, are taking action or have had to go on strike and encourage listeners to join their union at and check out the funds to support locked out workers at and the NSW workers under attack from the Perrottet government at

By contrast to Morrison's secret shadow government and Perrottet's anti-worker policies the Albanese Labor government is engaging across Australia on policy, budgets and reform.  Van and Ben discuss what this means and why it is important for democracy.

The gig economy was let rip under Morrison and now Labor is tasked with how to regulate 21st century technology that has allowed 17th century working conditions to spread "like a cancer" through everything from transport and delivery to aged care and the NDIS.  Van and Ben look at what's being done to protect workers rights and deliver sustainable services.

And of course Qantas and its many failings gets a mention as consumer advocates put forward ideas to end the cowboy behaviour of Alan Joyce.

Plus there is good news about carbon capturing kelp in WA and green hydrogen in Queensland!

Van also reads out the names of our Cadre and Extend the Reach supporters who have gone to to help us reach even more listeners.

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