Barilaro busted, Corporations driving u ...

Barilaro busted, Corporations driving up inflation, Labor commits to 30:30 by 2030 to fix

Jul 20, 2022

Van Badham and Ben Davison look at how John Barliaro has come totally unstuck as his former chief of staff testifies that the former NSW Nationals Deputy Premier created the New York trade position with every intention of taking the job himself.

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Tanya Plibersek has released the previous Morrison government's environment report which has some damming facts and figures about the state of Australia's environment.  Van and Ben discuss the Labor promise to establish an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and their commitment to protecting 30% of our land and water by 2030.

New research has confirmed what we, unions and economists have been saying; Corporate greed and profiteering, not wages, is driving up inflation.  Ben and Van look at the villains who run Qantas, Merrivale, and CSL to discuss how greed, contempt for workers and hypocritical behaviour needs to be removed from corporate Australia.

Coverage of the research is here:

A listener who works for CSL, and joined their union after listening to the podcast, wrote to us and we share their story of being given a real pay cut by a CEO being paid nearly $60M that receives billions in taxpayer funding.

Plus COVID is getting worse.  Hospitalisations are up, deaths are up and the union movement is calling for employers to provide RATS, work from home where they can, masks and paid leave to isolate as more and more health care workers are getting sick.  You can join your union for a safer workplace, for a better pay deal or just to be part of a community of working people at

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