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Latest Update

May 25, 2021

Good morning friends! 

I just wanted to stop in for an update. I went back to see my general practitioner yesterday afternoon and was able to discuss the concerning increase in my symptoms.

We talked about tests that are safe for me and tests he prefers I avoid when I see the neurologist. Words and phrases like spinal tap, fibromyalgia, underlying infections, and multiple sclerosis are being used, but of course, these are things that are in the neurologist’s wheelhouse, so it’ll still be a while before we have answers. He also started me on a compounded thyroid medication, and he wants me to get a heavy metals test as well as a genetic test to see if I have a MTHFR mutation.

As far as my symptoms go, they have been steadily getting worse. As I refuse to be completely stagnant, I go on short, light walks with my cane every day and do some gentle stretching at home, though even that amount of activity exacerbates my pain and discomfort. There are really no “good pain days” anymore. My neck, spine, back, and core are under pretty constant duress. There has been a grieving period at my growing lack of mobility, but overall I remain positive and hopeful. I’m a big believer in one being responsible for their own happiness, so being adaptable and capable of finding the silver lining in the seemingly dark clouds are skills I am grateful to have.

I’ve rambled on too long. Thank you again to everyone who has helped so far, and if I can rally you all once more, if you could, please share my GoFundMe fundraiser (https://gofund.me/4ecb918d) or reach out to individuals you know who may be willing to help. The medical bills keep growing, and we don’t know yet where this tunnel leads. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Also, if you know any small business who would be willing to donate or host a fundraiser, please reach out. I know the donation goal is high, but my treatment, as it stands, averages at $2,500 a month, and that’s not including the upcoming neurologist appointment and tests.

Thank you again. This whole experience has been humbling, heart warming, and hope inspiring. Sometimes we have to learn life’s lessons in an uncomfortable way, and I am taking advantage of the lessons being presented in my life at this time. I love and appreciate you all.



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