Professional Goodbyes: How to Tell Clien ...

Professional Goodbyes: How to Tell Clients You're Leaving

Aug 06, 2023

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Can you believe it's already Friday? This week seemed to fly by. I hope you've been able to find ways to stay cool despite the extreme heat waves that have been gripping many parts of the world. Apparently the hottest global average temperature on record

Let's look forward to better weather and new beginnings next week.


Change is an inevitable part of our professional journey. Whether it's due to a promotion, a career pivot, an industry shift, or simply chasing a new opportunity that aligns better with your professional aspirations, saying "farewell" goes beyond a mere goodbye.

I've just put the finishing touches on this comprehensive guide for resigning that provides indispensable advice for anyone in a client facing role. Here are some highlights:

  • Be transparent yet positive when informing leadership. Highlight your desire to grow, not air grievances.

  • Time your client announcements carefully based on your relationship and their dependence on you.

  • Introduce your successor early so clients can start establishing rapport before you leave.

  • Create a detailed client transition plan outlining important milestones, contacts, and handover notes.

  • Reflect on your accomplishments and relationships as you move forward.

  • Respect confidentiality agreements and avoid unethical account poaching.

  • Customize resignation announcements for each key client relationship.

And so much more! Whether you're considering resigning or just interested in business best practices, I highly recommend reading the full guide here.


Korn Ferry Sales Maturity Survey. You can be a part of this study by sharing how your company is navigating the current business climate. It takes just 15-minutes and by participating, you'll be among the first to receive the results when published later this year.

Account Based Marketing (ABM) Research Report. Brand new for 2023, this report explores the state of ABM right now, including KPIs, core tactics, budget trends and sales and marketing alignment.

One statistic I found interesting was that syncing ABM efforts with Sales, ranks as one of the top three challenges companies face when executing ABM, along with internal skills gap and account targeting. Over half those surveyed meet weekly to sync efforts and just about everyone meets at least monthly.

How to Recession-Proof Your Pricing. Article from OliverWyman explaining strategies to maintain demand and margins on products and ensure future profits. It has some interesting things to say about who should be in charge of setting pricing within your organization.

To Drive Customer Retention, Don't Neglect Culture. Makes the case that restructures, cost cutting and reducing headcount will crush your teams unless you invest in building culture. Ultimately, it's your people who deliver on the promises you make to your customers. This article provides lots of tips on how to define, align and embed your work culture.


Course: Intro to ChatGPT. This is a free course offered by Code Academy that covers all the basics you need to know about using ChatGPT in real life and in business. It also explores ethics and AI, risks and limitations of ChatGPT and prompt engineering. And it's fun. I've just started the course myself and so far it's really well designed, interactive and easy to understand. Check out this course.

New to the Team? Here’s How to Build Trust (Remotely). With most of us working in hybrid teams and scattered across the country (or globe), we're not likely to meet our colleagues in person any time soon. This article from HBR Ascend. Lots of practical tips on how to build trust, support your team and share ideas and opinions. 

McKinsey's 2023 Summer Reading GuideThe annual book list is back. McKinsey asked leaders from around the world, including CEOs, founders and editors, to share what they're reading. There are great titles from business, biography, history, personal development and more. One of the titles that caught my eye is The Earned Life: Lose Regret, Choose Fulfillment. My copy arrives tomorrow, and I can't wait to dig in. 


I hope you've enjoyed this week's newsletter! As always, I welcome your feedback on how I can make it even more valuable for you. If you have any topics you'd like me to cover or ideas on how to improve, don't hesitate to let me know.

On another note, I wanted to give you a quick update on my other content channels. My podcast is taking a short summer break while I spend time with family, recharge, and plan some new episodes. I can't wait to bring it back very soon!

Also, I aim to ramp up my YouTube channel again with some fresh video ideas. If there are topics you'd especially like me to cover, I'd love your input! Just fill out this quick request form.

That's all for now. Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead. 

Until next time,

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