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#warcoffee talks about something. Monday ...

#warcoffee talks about something. Monday attack

Dec 05, 2022


As such days should be documented wherever they can, I'm writing you this letter. 

We were attacked again by russian missiles. 70 missiles. Sixty of them were shot down. But these are just the facts you can easily read in any newspaper. 

I want to tell you about human feelings during this attack. We were at home. I know (really know) that it's not wise & better to go to the shelter. But we (I, Vlad & Victory) stayed at home. 

No power, a slow internet connection & our attempts to read every piece of information we could. It's not only about news. It's my working chat where my colleagues wrote how loud & close the explosions they heard, whether they're safe now, etc. 

A lot of explosions messages we had. It's terrifying to sit & read that your country is being bombed. And maybe your place is next. Or people you love, you care about tremendously. Or just people you don't know who had their coffee/tea/breakfast in the morning and were perfectly alive. 

In such moments I allow myself to hate russians. For taking our lives, our hopes, our children & our houses. 

But don't worry. We (I too) are strong enough to cope with all this mess. After this Monday nightmare, I went to the workout at the gym. Let's say that it's my answer to all the missiles.

We were lucky. Power was back after 6 hours after it had disappeared. I even had late evening warcoffee at home. 

Now some good sleep is perfectly needed. 

Invincible Kyiv hugs,

Yara (or Yaroslava)

PS. I've made the picture above today. While was staring out the window & reading about the explosions. Skies can be dangerous.

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