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#warcoffee talks about something. 81 lau ...

#warcoffee talks about something. 81 launches

Mar 10, 2023


I decided to write you to talk about yesterday. And about today. And all this total mess called our life.

Made dinner. Potatoes, some fish. I'm too lazy to cook for myself. Vlad (Son) is at his Grandma's. Eating pizza now (smiling). It's much calmer at my Mom's place, of course. She lives in Western Ukraine. But Vlad will be back in a week. Just a 'normal' visit of Grandma in absolutely abnormal times.

Imagine for a second. When your Child goes somewhere, you're primarily worried that there won't be any missile attacks, drones, or other war stuff. Unbelievable!

But I promised to talk about yesterday too. You know that yesterday we had no night. Yesterday we were attacked by missiles. 81 launches. To the land where people were supposed to sleep. Cowards! russians are cowards.

You know, when I heard this loud explosion at 5:50 am (OMG, I will never forget these five ams), I thought:

- Here we are again.

I have my 'rituals' now

  • fill with water everything I have

  • prepare breakfast (or some food)

  • charge devices

  • make warcoffee

  • check documents, cash (it should be in one place)

I hate this war with all my heart. But I didn't start it (we didn't start it), so all we need now is to protect our country, stay brave, and preferably be alive.

Okok. It's much colder in the flat after the attack. Minimum heating (some damages to our energy infrastructure were caused by these 81 missile launches), Yesterday got hot water only in the evening. It's not hot; it's warm (let's call it warm). But we have spring. Soon it will be warm outside. We survived this winter. That's important.

I'm thinking now how surreal all of this might seem to you. We were attacked at night but continued our lives in the morning. Somebody went to work; children went to kindergarten and school; I visited the dentist; somebody married; somebody was born. And somebody died.

I consider that people who went through the war are vulnerable and strong at the same time. Unbroken generation.

Some part of this generation (me) is going to rest now. I hope no attacks at night. I so often repeat the words 'I hope' that feel myself one big hope.

Thank you for reading these letters. Sometimes it's not easy to write them (especially after the attacks). But it's our reality. And I want you to see how the war impacts the life of an ordinary person.


Yara (or Yaroslava)

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