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Ukrainian gifts. An album with paintings ...

Ukrainian gifts. An album with paintings made during the war

Sep 29, 2022


It's so easy for me (don't believe) to write in Ukrainian. But I've never (actually, I don't remember) written something longer than tweets in English.

There might be tons of mistakes. I'm so-so-so sorry for that.

OMG! I even don't know if it's possible here to make comments (if yes, please, talk with me).


Today I want to share with you an idea of beauuuutiful (it's so cool that I can add here as many words as I want; I'm Twitter woman mostly) gift.

I got an album with stories & paintings of Ukrainian women artists. These paintings were created in the first 111 days of our war from Feb 24 to June 14, 2022.

The album is amazing. Quality of paper. Paintings.

One of the best gifts ever.

And they deliver worldwide. Have English website. Prices in USD & Euro. A dream (we have so many cool brands but not everyone has all of this, and it's a pity-really-pity-very bad).

So Invicta (I hope the link works, here I'm like a toddler, don't know a lot about the website "buymeacoffee').

And I'll be telling you every time (soooory but I have to) that I didn't get any money to write about this. I also bought my album copy. It's a war, I need to support my country as much as I can. Love it. Loooove it tons of times. My Ukraine. My girl.

Made you some pictures. Unpacking will be on Twitter. Victory likes the album.

Thank you for reading this. I hope it wasn't too boring. See you soon, dear world. See you soon.

P.S. Can you imagine that this note is still without any title? Need to figure it out. Yeah. Will make it simple. And clear.

Btw do you know that I'm calling this #warcoffee blog - fresh blog?

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