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Letters from Ukraine. Kyiv Day. And nigh ...

Letters from Ukraine. Kyiv Day. And night

May 29, 2023


Today I will tell you about the night before Kyiv Day and what happened afterward.

Son: There is a misconception about war. Some consider it to be when everything is ruined; people are starving and hiding among what remains of their homes.
Me: It's sad. But the war can be like that:

1:06 am. Air raid alert. We were warned earlier that drones are expected. Victory (still a cat) is sleeping. I cannot. It's not only because of the air raid alert. It seems that I already have some problems with sleeping. My nerves are made of cotton wool now.

2:08 am. Explosions. A lot of explosions. Victory woke up. Son and I glued to the window.

Someone: Is it safe?
Me: Of course not. It's better to go to the shelter. But in this case, we should live in the shelter. Or sleep. I prefer not. Son too. Victory (still a cat) supports any comfortable decision if it includes a windowsill.

The sky is bright from explosions, rays looking for drones, and many windows where people don't sleep.

Son: Mom, I've just checked Telegram. Stepan sleeps (Stepan is my Son's sports coach). He was online at 10 pm. Steelman.

In a few minutes, after a very loud explosion when the drone was too close to our house (my Son saw it), I heard:

Son: Stepan is no longer sleeping.
Me: That's it, the last person sleeping in Kyiv has woken up.

Sometimes a sense of humor saves our nervous system (a big smile here).

Among explosions, I read the news. Debris caused damages in some Kyiv districts, even death.

Me: What's the point of all this?
War: Fun.
Me: So you want to tell me you're killing people for fun?
War: Oops. I'm a bit drunk tonight. Sorry. Of course not. I cannot stand that you're still alive.

3:09 am. Explosions again. A little bit scary. A lot of noise outside. Trucks, police cars, ambulances, and explosions again. No one would ever say that it's night here.

3:41 am. Calm. So I have a chance to get some skinny sleep.

This is how russian forces congratulated us on Kyiv Day. I slept 4 hours that night. The day was like a crumpled paper. No mood for celebration. Next year I hope.

War: If you have it. Haha
Me: Are you still drunk?

That night before Kyiv Day, our gods of air defense shot down 36 drones over Kyiv. 58 drones were shot down over Ukraine.

We probably need a picture. But today I haven't any new pictures. So I chose the ones I didn't publish yet (or maybe published but forgot). At first, I thought that black & white pictures would be a great choice, but later:

- Nonono. I need some colors.

But the madness wasn't over. The next night was with missiles.

3:30 am. I woke up from the explosion. Checked the phone and wrote my Son a message (he was in his room)

Me: Are you awake? I heard the explosion.
Son: Yes. I heard two. By the way, these were missiles. Such a strong headache I have.
Me: OMG. Please try to sleep. Of course, I don't know how it's possible.
Son: It's impossible when such madness is here.

Victory (still a cat) is sleeping. This night she decided:

- I am tired.

Missile debris fell in some parts of the city. I checked my phone, window, phone, window... and got to sleep in an hour or so. I was lucky (probably) that I heard only that explosion (there were many before, but I was too tired, just like Victory).

That night after Kyiv Day, our gods of air defense shot down 40 targets over Kyiv. 36 missiles and 30 drones were shot down over Ukraine.

Picture? Agree.

I woke up early. I needed to take Victory to the vet clinic to take blood tests. It was a calm and warm morning. Shortly we were back home. I had a large cup of #warcoffee, Victory - her breakfast. In an hour or so, I planned to go to the workout. But something went wrong

11:09 am. Air raid alert

Me: Are you crazy? Again? Please be informed that it's not night yet.
War: I know. I have the mood to send more missiles. You are still alive.

We heard a lot of explosions.

This morning our gods of air defense shot down 11 ballistic and cruise missiles over Kyiv. It was the 16th attack on Kyiv this month.

We live in the war. We sleep in our beds (not everyone, as during the alert, people often go to the shelters). We cook food in our kitchens. We have roofs (yet). Our cafes are open. Our groceries have vegetables, fruit, bread, cereal, water, and everything we need.

But we are attacked regularly. Anytime during the day or night, missiles or drones might try to destroy our lives.

Me: Can you imagine what would have happened if the air defense had not shot down these missiles and drones?
War: Easy. You would most likely not be alive.

Thank you for reading this long letter. I hope to write you soon.

Yara (or Yaroslava)

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