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The Electronic Organization - Cloud.

The Electronic Organization - Cloud.

Aug 17, 2023

I was watching one of those old records of Steve Jobs on youtube. He foresaw quite rightly that organisations of the future can only survive and indeed thrive if they are electronic in nature. Which means their assets whether human capital assets or otherwise can operate electronically anytime, anywhere and Collaboratively.

This is because when it is true that business conditions change at the speed of light, and in the case of Covid at the speed of transmissions, the only way to respond is to have reliance on the cloud which also operates at the speed of light.

This is evidenced by the growth of data centers worldwide and spill off companies such as and There are just symptoms of a larger phenomena which is the world is indeed, first and foremost electronic and change, is indeed, the only constant, and fast, perpetual. The business theories need revision. Companies no longer need 3 years to turn profitable, the reverse is also true, no longer large companies can claim to be stable if wave of change comes coming, such as ESG which makes Money Managers decide to pull out.

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