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Lessons from Warren.

Lessons from Warren.

Feb 21, 2023

Warren Buffet is a billionaire. Owns multiple companies through Berkshire. What makes his approach unique is he believes in accounting as a force for good and acquisition i.e. buy decisions. By not even meeting management but by reading financial statements as per signals theory - he makes yes or no decisions worth billions, sometimes in a few days time.

I try to copy paste his strategy and tactics by understanding something called the durable competitive advantage at a personal level. Of course, skills and experience grows with time, but what are the skills that no force, economic, political or otherwise can beat me at. I realize that upon experimentation and exploration I am good at writing and speaking and communications broadly. Hence customer service jobs or customer service experience and/ or lobbying in business in politics will be where my passion is and where I make bread.

Applying that to money management, I will invest more into ASB as compared to microleap as I tend to be a spender of liquid assets. Hence the mitigation of my own financial behavior.

This post is inspired by a talk on youtube by Warren.

The lesson is: find your durable competitive advantage. These 3 words matter.

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