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Lessons from Seoul Garden.

Lessons from Seoul Garden.

Feb 23, 2023

I ate at this restaurant for Wagyu beef, it was great. It cost close to 100 ringgit for one person. It is considered expensive for me.

But as I just improved my performance for Feb as compared to Jan at my workplace I thought I would reward myself.

Hence, here I learned about cost, price and value. Cost is definitely less than 100 ringgit, price is to be exact 91 ringgit and value is more than 91 as it gives me happiness and nutrition for a while to survive another day.

Basically we are buying the value of a good experience and good nutrition.

Hence, that, ladies and gentleman, is what business is, cost, price and value. Always have clarity on this and all will be fine.

I broker a talk for Azran Osman Rani, with MRANTI, and the cost is low, price is RM5,000 per session and value is more than that as other start ups get knowledge and skills.

Cost is literally my phone bill.

I love this consulting and brokering business.

Viva Genexter Ventures...

Menakhoda Zaman.


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