Weekly Scopes: Jan 30 - Feb 5

Weekly Scopes: Jan 30 - Feb 5

Jan 31, 2023

Sunday: Leo Full Moon square Uranus: 

Expect to feel this from Thursday onwards, as sleep cycles can shift and emotions intensify. 

With the Aquarius Sun and Leo Full Moon both challenged by Aquarius’ ruler Uranus, this is at times, a dramatic and volatile period. 

+ spontaneous surges of artistic motivation, creativity and confidence. Some risks and gambles pay in surprising/shocking ways. 

~ sudden splurges and need for quality or luxury or fun, but is it worth it and can we afford it? Emotional drama stems from ego bruises and misplaced needs for appreciation, admiration or attention. 

This week, whether we feel special or overlooked, creatively cooling or on fire, supported by friends who get us or judged by those who don’t, our self esteem is affected for better or worse. We can use this powerful Leo Full Moon to actively engage in co-creating our own sunshine (by focusing on giving, exuding, offering, expressing a joyful, childlike and loving spirit which is infectious and soon spreads like wildfire) or co-creating clouds to block the light (by focusing more on reasons for being disappointed, hurt, unloved).

We can choose to act with nobility and pride or like kings or queens yanked from the throne. Can the unloved be loving? Is it true that brightening another’s day helps those with depression? What we give out now, we get back pretty fast, and in turn our self-esteem is affected, not necessary from how others receive or perceive us, but because of how we feel about our creative part in this week’s moments. Make yourself proud.


It’s time for another adventure. You are itchy for greater things, for another challenge and ready and willing to learn whatever it takes to traverse the territory. A full moon in your 9th is always a time of a growing hunger for more, further, wider - for travel or change, for new books to explore, for new ways to expand your circle of influence and experience. This time of year usually sees you pushing back the boundaries and packing your literal bags or else going on some new hunt or personal quest. So often, you don’t get to see yourself proved right (as much as your ego would like), but this Moon may bring some such results. Whether you choose to give the old “I told you so” is entirely up to you. Be open to being wrong too, and what a welcome relief when it’s a negative prophesy you were espousing. Disruptions to your usual daily schedule or at work seem imminent and unavoidable, but if you are willing to roll with changes and use them as a chance to try a different way, you may welcome the interruption. Learn what’s needed and apply yourself.  Scour some “life-hacks” online for this seems an especially worthwhile and helpful pursuit, as even your modes and methods have become dated and need upgrading for ease, simplicity, speed or just to help get the job done better. 


It’s easy to be a hothead when there’s a full moon in your 3rd,  but heat is a great thing when you are fired up for something worthwhile or when ideas have cooled along with the inspiration that drives them. Try and avoid emotional reactions, mainly by abstaining best you can from turning your thoughts into battle zones. The drama is mostly in your head right now, though you could be lured into a few aggressive arguments. Basically, this period blows up larger either inspirational or intuitive messages from your unconscious (or some cosmic place) or reasons to be resentful, petty, or otherwise dissatisfied. You are so attached to your mind, and the contents of your head that it’s a both a blessing and a curse, which comes from having Leo in your 3rd. It’s also why you are brilliant. But you don’t need to be superior or prove intellectual prowess to protect your ego, in fact you can show great strength of character and power of ego it you can rise above the gossipy, shallow, superficial mind games people play to derive some sort of identity or ego-strokes. Some amazing ideas and genius insight and, at times, flashes of psychic or telepathic messages are imminent. Don’t get too caught up in lower level shenanigans or mental angst and miss the higher vibrational meanings, metaphors and magic trying to get through to you.  


Some truths pop out of nowhere and surprise you, or else you discover you were right all along. Welcome these moments of insight when the lightbulb goes on and you have a eureka moment. This chapter is all about liberating yourself from fantasies that go nowhere and vague anxieties that plague you. Behind your cool, calm demeanor lies a powerful ego that is often overlooked or subjugated for louder or needier types. You may find dreams heating up if you aren’t feeling the respect or appreciation in waking life. Some form of therapy or therapeutic practice is needed now - from adult coloring books to destress to a time out to restore yourself to wholeness, from singing therapy to letting out your repressed inner artist and party animal.  You generate your own weather, so if the clouds eclipse your fun, withdraw and please yourself in whatever way necessary to get back on track, back in the game and back giving you best. You are a humble sign but you are are entitled to shine and stand in the spotlight, but sometimes you simply have to give yourself the applause, instead of waiting for others to.


An unpredictable time with heated emotions so watch for impulsive or explosive reactions. Uranus is the gunpowder igniting the fire of this Full Moon, so if you are bored, feeling trapped, or conforming too much you’re likely to opt for some form of erratic acting-out (though even this may be a welcome change to some).  Since this full moon shines in your 4th underfoot, it’s time to offload baggage. You have become too full, too burdened by some type of emotional cling-on or clutter from the past. Great time to do a clear-out at home, to keep on top of accumulation or blocked energy pathways. You won’t be able to help taking things more personally during this time, which isn’t necessarily  a bad thing but why let yourself be defined by an attachment to how others are or aren’t defining or treating you? That part’s on you. You have changed a lot, your family would be the first to tell you but what they may not see is the struggle it’s been to navigate enforced change and continually try to remain secure and grounded. Regardless who sees or understands, celebrate your right to choose differently and remember you now have the freedom to choose feelings and thoughts that encourage you or that scold you for not measuring up to some bogus standard or external ideal. How will you use the freedom you already have and how much are you allowing yourself to be fully yourself? 


Rewarding yourself with a strong schedule (complete with fun rewards and incentives for fulfilling tasks and ticking off to-do list chores) eases discomfort under this Full Moon. Cleaning is always recommended and rejuvenating under a Full Moon in your 6th. So too is helping others, where possible. You can’t help but shine when you are supporting, aiding, and being of service on some level. It’s not that you exist solely for others, but it comes pretty close sometimes. Leo in your 6th is why you are so good at these things but also why you can sometimes feel subservient and expected to be submissive to the ego demands of others, which soon leads to annoyance and resentment. So under this Moon it can be a mixed bag, but Uranus in your 3rd helps you reframe it. If you choose to be of service, be of service. If you choose to tend to yourself instead, do so with complete conscious acceptance. Once you are fully on board with each decision, you can’t feel taken advantage of and won’t overextend yourself. When in doubt, organize, clean, plan and perfect. That should keep you more than busy enough (and out of the potential drama a Leo Full Moon can often provide).


You’re more than ready for change. You’re also more than ready to welcome in a few new faces and vote off those who clearly do not respect you or appreciate your presence in their lives. With the Full Moon in your 11th, you either feel socially ready to have fun and mingle or else you are pulling back and removing your energy from certain people, groups or circles . Change is strange, at least right now. You yearn for it, but sometimes it springs itself upon you and you feel ill-prepared but trust that you are ripe for evolution and that perhaps others have become a little too attached to seeing you in a certain light. This phase is about freeing yourself from labels and limits. Just because you always like A and B doesn’t mean you can’t give them both up and go for option C - or Z. Sometimes your indecision holds you back, but it seems you’re in for a few key developments that will bypass your natural MO of weighing things up, by either making some situations and people uncomfortable enough that you really have no choice but to ring the changes, or else your future pulls you down present roads you didn’t expect. Trust that the winds of change have your back but won’t back you into a corner if you remain free of ego attachments to what others think of you.

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