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Enna Alouette's goal 2023

Enna Alouette's goal 2023

May 24, 2023

1 Milk 6 Selfie

2 Milk 1 FS & 10 Selfie

4 Milk 2 FS & 10 Selfie +1 Voicepack

5 Milk above can get (Full set & fews HD photo + Onlyyou voicepack)

If spend more I will give more HD photo >///<

Q & A


I will pick one of Enna Alouette ‘s line to match ! I gonna try my best XD

What is FS?

Friend Sign which is Seflie with your name you may drop your name with the milk if you have any special name

Can I support 8 milk above?

Sure, there will extra reward added as a surprise gift(add more bonus smtg ), if you support more . You can get Full set reward (2 FS , 1 Body FS & 10 Selfie) & few HD photo

THERE WONT BE 18+ content request reward, Please do not REQUEST & EXPECT FS will draw by digital (To Save The Environment to reduce waste of paper)

Reward will be granted once costume is being received and done photoshooting. So please do support & wait patiently for the reward.

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