The Project(s)- What You’re Supporting

The Project(s)- What You’re Supporting

Nov 11, 2023

It really started with one portrait- fellow military spouse and friend stopped by on a blustery winter West Point afternoon, the cool winter light hitting her just right. “Wait,” I said, snapping her photo.

That was the first portrait that I painted - a simple oil study of a friend. But it led to several ideas, “how many military spouses can I paint? How can I tell their/our stories? What are our stories?”

These questions eventually led to two projects: the first I call my Military Spouses Project (these are traditional oil portraits, lovely and pretty straight forward) -the second I call my Disrupted a military Spouse Portraits (these are abstracted figurative work that explore the psychological state of spouses -aka- how their lives are impacted by their spouses occupation.) While these are different projects- they both seek to honor and name the military spouse. Additionally, the projects feed each other.

Ultimately,I would like to complete 40 from the first project and 10 from the second. Funds from Buy Me a Coffee will help me create a book at the completion of the project and fund the gallery space needed to hang the work…

Thanks for your support and I look forward to sharing new work and stories here!

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