October Update

Oct 03, 2021

Hello, once again! A new month has just arrived and I am officially 24! Lets jump straight into the updates and a little insight to what is being planned for October and beyond!

Fiasco At the Agency

Two weeks ago, for a festival in Perth called XR:WA, I playtested this game! It was a social deduction board game where you play an agent in an agency (duh!) who has an alligence to one of two teams, the Centre of Diplomacy, or the Department of Cyphers. As you do not know the alignment of the other players, you will have to go to missions or observe the results to determine if they are most likely on your team or your opposition. The playtesting went fantsatically and better than I imagined. I am now in the process of making changes and improvements to it, including creating it virtually so that you can play with friends who you cannot meet up with. Be on the lookout for future dates of playtesting!

Monday Mysteries

Unfortunately, I have not being able to record, stream or post more installments to the Monday Mysteries. This is because I am moving and changing my recording set-up to a different place and sadly it has taken more time than I initially thought. It is still happening and the Sherlock Holmes: The Awakening will be continued through to completion! Hopefully, it will be back either late October or early November.

The Forest Hides Secrets

The goal to have a few released before the end of 2021 is still in my head. At the moment, the first story is close to being ready, just to read it a through times to see if I like enough to release it publicly. Once I completely finish it, I will do the same thing for the next 2/3 stories. Once I have about three short stories completed and ready, I will start to publicly releasing a short story every Wednesday. The goal is to have them ready by the end of October and maybe have a sneak peak ready for Halloween.

More Plans and Projects...

Other than the board game, I have also been working on a secret project that is going quite well, but will need to be confirmed and approved by a venue operator before I can reveal it. If everything goes well, you should hear it on November or December. All that I will give is an estimate time frame of when it might take place, mid January until mid February!

Other than that, I have other plans and other projects that you will just need to be on the lookout for. So follow me on Facebook and on here, Buy Me a Coffee, to see it first when its time to unveil the projects!

Till next time!

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